The Robots Are Coming for Phil in Accounting. Workers with college degrees and specialized training once felt relatively safe from automation. They aren’t.

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I figure people who write articles like this have to either be 23 years old or have never worked in the real world. What the fuck to people think Excel, MRP, ERP, etc., are? My second engineering job was at a “Word Processor” company because we made machines called “Word Processors” because they did a job which used to be done by a person whose job was “word processor”. Now those machines are an open source application. No shit. Computes gonna compute. Get used to it.


I work in finance for a fortune 30 company. The vast majority of jobs this will remove have already been outsourced. Most stateside finance/accounting jobs are more art than science. It’s impossibly complicated to automate that (So far…). I think most people don’t realize that most large companies still don’t have their shit together from an ERP perspective. It’s a ton of manual stuff you can’t automate due to data issues that can’t be solved easily.


The lawfirm my mom works at got rid of most secretaries almost s decade ago. They used to have one per lawyer and they managed so much dictation. Now lawyers/paralegals just use voice to text and secretaries have been reduced like 80%. It’s not a new trend.


Yep. This is exactly why I studied how to do the automating. And yet our culture is so fucked up that instead of creating the jobs from the Jetsons where people bitch about theit half an hour work day and how their ‘finger pushing button is killing them’ we give more leeway to management, work longer hours exacerbate wealth inequality and become more competative with eachother. Not needing to read fucking balance sheets for 10 hours a day to make sure accounts are balanced sounds like a god send. But no. Here we are bitching about how we cant do that anymore and instead trying to provide increased value by doing it for 12 hours a day and expecting the same or less fucking pay. This whole Western “your job and how busy you are defines your worth” motif needs to die in a fucking fire.


To hell with the rest of you but I know my job as a financial risk manager is safe. Someone is going to have to advise our new robot overlords on how to manage their portfolios.