There must be loads of delicious dishes that only exist because someone was too lazy to remake a dish after making a mistake.

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Technically, the chocolate chip cookie falls into this category, although lazy is a strong word in that case.


My husband was making baba ghanoush and he accidentally burnt the eggplant a little. He threw a big temper tantrum and then used the unburnt part because he still wanted it for dinner. When he ate it he said it was the best baba ghanoush ever and now he intentionally burns the eggplants a little. (I’m allergic to eggplants so I can’t verify if it tastes better burnt.)


Of course… Like blue cheese.. obviously the mistake was to forget that he still had some leftover cheese lying around, and to remake it would take time!


Yeah, like most of the dishes that I cook.


If you think of it, chocolate as we know it is a gentrified version of what the Mayans and Olmecs used to consume.