Three new cellmates are contemplating their life sentences in prison.

The first guy pulls out a deck of playing cards and says, “Don’t worry, guys. I brought these cards with me so that we can play poker to pass the time.” The second guy pulls out a harmonica and says, “I brought this harmonica so that I can play some music to cheer us up when we’re feeling down.” The third guy pulls out a box of tampons. “What the hell are we supposed to do with those!?” ask the first two. “Well, it says on the back that I can ride, swim, ski, and play tennis with these.”

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‟Three life sentences, how are we going to handle all these periods?!”


Lol! I hate this stupid joke. Have a upvote


Thank god…I thught that joke was going in a different direction.An upvote for not joking about prison arpe, good sir!


“Swimming, skiing, and tennis, let me guess, this is your first time in prison.” The other celly, “Tell us what you got busted for. I’m guessin’ it was somethin’ brilliant.”


White collar criminal gets thrown in a cell with a hardened “lifer”. Lifer: you wanna be the mommy or the daddy? White collar criminal: what!? Lifer: do you want to be the mommy or the daddy? White collar criminal: uh?! I’ll be the daddy. Lifer: then come over here and suck mommy’s dick!