TIL AOL and Yahoo!, which Verizon acquired for $9.2 billion in 2016, were effectively worthless by 2018.

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Yahoo is actually still worth billions because they sell ads. They still have millions of users. AOL is dead because they relied on forcing customers to use their search engine, which was not possible when customers stopped buying dialup.


I think my father-in-law was keeping them in business. While he had high-speed cable internet via Comcast, he also was paying $50 a month for AOL and would not let me cancel it. He died a year and a half ago. I bet that pushed them over the edge.


Also Tumblr. Yahoo bought it for 1.1 billion, then Verizon bought Yahoo, and eventually when Verizon sold Tumblr it was worth 3 million.


My mom worked for AOL back in the 90s early 2000s. She got a lot of free stuff the last I remember was aol9.0


Everyone under 35 at the time knew it was a bad deal. Same problem a lot of companies have, the executives are out of touch and can’t make good decisions. They just didn’t grow with the tech.