TIL Basque (a language spoken near the Spain/France border) is a language isolate; not only is it NOT a Romance language, it’s not even an Indo-European language. It is the only surviving Pre-Indo-European language in Western Europe.

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It’s the only surviving pre Indo-European language in *all* of Europe. The finno-ugric languages of East Europe (Sami, Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian) probably evolved alongside the Indo-European diaspora and not before it. Edit: Just to clarify since it’s being misinterpreted, the finno-ugric languages are a branch of the wider Uralic language family which has nothing to do with Indo-European. I am saying these languages moved into Europe and evolved alongside the Indo-European languages.


Watched the movie ‘Giant’ and they spoke in Basque mostly (except when visiting other parts of Spain). Wasn’t expecting it to sound so different from Spanish. It sounded harsher and more ‘clipped’. I guess that makes sense given it’s not a Romance language.


Basque here! So proud of having our little land on Reddit. You all are welcomed to r/basque Eskerrik asko!


I still can’t understand how Spain has like 4 different ‘Spanishes’ and the majority of an entire continent: South America, uses only one Spanish (Castellano). EDIT: I wasn’t trying to describe the Spanish of Spain in all its intricacies, but wondering how it has spread to South America. I understand South America doesn’t speak one language alone, yet I’m fascinated by the fact you can communicate with so many people from different countries with one language.


And on top of this, Basque country has amazing food too.