TIL in 1996, Russia launched a Mars Rover called “Mars96”. It crashed back to earth after 2 days, containing plutonium-238 fuel which would have survived the impact. Nobody ever bothered to look for it, and it’s believed to just be lying around the Andes mountains.

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You can make a dirty bomb with it, but you’re not gonna level a city. Plutonium 239 is the *big boom* one. Lots of satellites have 238 in them. Although, I don’t know what’s the protocol when they fall to earth


Thanks, gonna make a nuclear bomb now.


Spy satellites exist that can detect the trace amounts of radiation that leak out from covert underground nuclear experiments and can even glean a lot of information about what exactly is going on in them. I suspect that intelligence agencies know exactly where this wreck is, but it’s probably either somewhere impossible to get to or somebody actually has already secretly recovered it.


According to the link that OP literally provided as this post, it was not a rover but rather an orbiter, surface station, and penetrator. Why do people post things they’ve ‘learnt’ without actually reading what they’re claiming to have learnt? Fucking weird.


Future archeologists are going to be STOKED when they find it!