TIL In 2009 the FDA required General Mills to either register Cheerios as a drug or change their labels claiming the cereal lowerd cholesterol. GM revealed the labeling had been approved by the FDA and the investigation was closed in 2012.

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When dad says no but mom already said yes


The FDA was reeling from the Cap’n Crunk debacle when they inadvertently approved a version of Cap’n Crunch with Ecstasy bits.


Would I still be able to get it over the counter, or would I need a prescription for Cheerios?


Why’d it take 3 years? Sounds like government though. It took 3 years for a govmt agency to internally communicate that it had, in fact, given permission for something AFTER it mandated something.


In 2012 webMD used to be a reliable trustworthy site for medical information. Now? It’s no better that Gwyneth Paltrow at dispensing medical advice.