TIL pollen-deprived bumble bees tend to bite plant leaves more often than when pollen is plentiful; the bumble bee bites stimulate early flowering. Scientists compared bumble bee-bitten plants and unbitten plants. Bitten plants bloomed in 17 days; the un-bitten took an average of 33 days to bloom.

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Can this be done with weed?


Save all this French socialist shit for European ecosystems. American ecosystems pull themselves up by their damn bootstraps like decent people. /s


Yeowch! Okay I’ll bloom!


I assume that the plant’s response is the plant thinking that it is responding to attacks by insects, and getting it’s seeds out while it can, but surely the advantage of there are pollenators ready and waiting has re-enforced this response.


Maybe the bees bite the early bloomers because they are more delicious?