TIL Ronald Reagan appointed the first female supreme Court justice as promised in his campaign – Sandra Day O’Connor

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If this is a TIL for most Redditors then I’m getting too old for Reddit. She was on the Supreme Court as recently as 15 years ago and is still alive today.


Yea he also initiated the first mass layoff in history. I guess you win some, you lose some.


I find it interesting how Reagan is viewed in USA and outside. I know that you in USA hate him for war on drugs and union busting; meanwhile in Eastern Europe he is a hero for contributing to the breakup of Soviet Union.


And he used the term “strapping young buck” to describe the welfare recipients whom he intended to suppress. Reagan engaged in naked race-baiting to court support from racist white voters who’d had enough of the civil rights movement. He was no civil rights hero.


Yeah and teddy roosevelt created the national park system, while, speaking softly and carrying a big stick against PR and Guam, amongst others. It turns out that doing one good thing doesn’t balance out destroying whole populations. Wanna talk about Nixon and China next? Before anyone thinks this is too skewed, Obama deported record numbers and increased drone strikes. I think the real moral here is trust in politicians is laughable at best