TIL that Alexander Graham Bell was a eugenicist and feared the creation of a “deaf race”, advocating for the elimination of sign language and deaf schools in order to prevent deaf people from reproducing

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well when your only invention is for the hearing you gotta cover your ass I guess


Meanwhile his wife was deaf. My hearing loss was caused by illness – I literally can’t pass it on, but that doesn’t stop my kids’ doctors from bringing it up from time to time… ugh


You’ll be surprised how many famous and important people also believed in **eugenicism.**


My mom is deaf and I’ve had friends parents and even a teacher be surprised that I had a deaf parent, one even said “I didn’t know they were able to have kids” and another “didn’t know we let people like that reproduce, I mean you could have been born deaf”, the worst was a friends dad saying that I should be taken from my mom because she was deaf and that it’s child abuse/endangering a child.


When eugenics gets discussed, I like to remind people that humankind is already in the process of genetically modifying itself. Successful fertility treatments and near elimination of child mortality, to cite the most direct examples, removed major sources of selection pressure. I think we should own up to it and discuss openly how we envision our collective genetic future. Saying we should just let things happen “naturally” is hypocritical because we already have a number of fingers on those scales.