TIL That famed science fiction author Isaac Asimov died of complications from AIDS, after contracting HIV from a blood transfusion. His family hid the cause of his death due to the stigma attached to AIDS in the early 1990s

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The AIDS epidemic never ended. It kills more than half a million people per year, and has killed tens of millions of young people. And millions of young families in Africa. The idea that it was just something for gay people is completely false. The first few hundred thousand were seemingly random victims, including huge numbers of US veterans who were infected. In Africa it was primarily young straight couples and their children, with millions and millions of children being orphaned. Thanks to wealthy donors the death rate has been cut in half, but the AIDS pandemic is still going very strong even after 40 years.


HIV contamination through blood transfusion has taken a lot of lives. During the early HIV/AIDS epidemic that was one of the things not looked at. From Arthur Ashe to Kevin Peter Hall to the untold others who’s names we’ll never know.


I had the opportunity to meet Asimov and his wife a few months before he passed away. He seemed ok at that time. I thanked him for his wonderful sf writing (his I Robot and Foundation) books in particular.


My brother died of HIV/AIDS in the 90s, and yes, everyone assumed he was gay, which was bad back then. He was intentionally infected by the man who introduced him to Heroin when he was 17’ish. The world is such a great place.


Is this the guy who wrote a book a month for like 42 years or something?