TIL The “New England Vampire Panic” was an event in the 19th century where people thought that “consumption”(Tuberculosis) was actually the result of vampires. It got to the point where people would dig up those who died of Tuberculosis and stake them through the heart.

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Thank god we humans have advanced far enough we don’t believe ridiculous stuff like vampires, a flat earth or secret cabals of elites draining children’s adrenaline for drugs. Edit: word


I thought this was when a couple guys from Charlestown got ripped on Sam Adams and coke, dressed up in capes and plastic fangs and went around terrorizing Yankees fans in town for a doubleheader at Fenway.


I vacationed in New England last year. This is exactly the kind of thing that region needs again to liven things up


“I’m Aaron Mahnke, and this…..is Lore”


Idiots. Everyone knows staking them isn’t enough, you need to cut off their heads, stuff the mouth with full bulbs of garlic, then sink the head in a deep fast rushing stream. If you’re going to do something, do it right.