Two more women accuse New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of inappropriate conduct

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I think this is the least egregious thing he’s been caught up in lately. The nursing home massacres being the #1 thing.


VOTE. HIM. OUT. Don’t let Cuomo drag down everyone else in 2022. Democrats need to grow a spine and refuse to accept abuse in their own party.


Fortunately the majority of us grow old with dignity and don’t turn into creepy old men hitting on women half our age who have no interest in a father figure/boyfriend old enough to be dad/sugar daddy.


How does this muppet still have a job?


The best thing about Biden winning is that newspapers start doing their jobs again when it comes to democratic politicians doing shitty stuff. The news and entertainment industry bending over to suck this guys dick while New York performed, at best, average was so frustrating. I’d prefer if the thing that had people more upset than him being a creep was lying about dead old people, but beggars can’t be choosers.