Vintage Map of the Solar System from 1959

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It’s incredible how wrong a lot of this info was, especially Ceres…but the artwork is imaginative and well painted. A real pleasure to look at


It reminds of of those 50s Disney space movies which too are full of factual errors and speculations, though they acknowledge our knowledge on solar system bodies is about ot dramatically increase and change. some errors I can spot on this chart: 1. Methane storm on Venus 2. Rainbow rings of Saturn – no idea where they got this from, my guess is pure artistic license 3. Martian canals – by that time everyone agreed it was an optical play though it was suspected some sort of planet-scale formations do exist that our eyes line up 4. Volcanos on Mercury 5. Non-spherical Ceres That said I think there’s lof artistic freedom applied here to make the poster more spectacular looking.


I think my uncle had this on the wall of his room. RIP


Ah, the times where you could memorize all planet and moon names without too much effort…


I have this on my wall, didn’t know it was that old