What is your favorite low calories recipe that almost too tasty to be true?

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Banana “ice cream” – so easy, just freeze some chopped banana on a baking sheet, and blend with cocoa powder and a little bit of almond milk. It really tastes like real ice cream


A plate of labneh sprinkled with za’taar and fresh cucumbers and tomatoes for dipping into.


Chinese Szichuan “fish fragrant” egg plant. Super easy, quite cheap, little prep and cooking time and so delicious. The sauce can be used for many other things also (besides fish). Fuchsia Dunlop has nice instructions for it.


In the UK (well Northern Ireland at least) they sell chopped soup veg for £1. Some barley, a stock cube and a few chicken wings make a tasty soup for many portions and £2 at most.


Black bean soup is easy, cheap and healthy. Also, the addition of smokiness with a hamhock or a bit of sausage really takes it to another level.