Where do I put a 50K house deposit I don’t need to access for at least 6 years?

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With a timeline that long you should definitely just take the entire sum and buy a total market ETF like VTI or something similar in a brokerage account. That is simply too long to keep that amount of money in a savings account due to the opportunity cost.


As you are in the UK I would set up a LISA instead, it has a higher house buying amount 450k max compared to the 250k from htb if I recall correctly, u can also put 4k in a year and get 25% extra each year, over a 6 year time period this works out alot better than a htb, the htb can only be used after the deposit if I recall right and I think it only allows purchases of new houses, whereas the lisa can be used straight away after house closure and completion I would probably put the rest into a low-medium risk vanguard index over the 6 year time period, this is basically what I am doing aswell, you can also do a stocks and shares LISA instead of a normal cash one and then do away with the vanguard option and just invest your money that way so you will get the stock interest on your initial money + the 1k every year, the main downside to a lisa is if you withdraw the money for any reason other than a house or retirement yoy will lose the entire bonus from the government and also forfeit 4-6% of your own money i cant remember the exact amount


Not a financial advisor, obviously, but if it were me, I would open a brokerage account (at somewhere established like fidelity or vanguard) and then just dump the money into an index fund or for less risk, a target-date retirement fund, which is usually balanced out by some less volatile bonds. You’ll be investing into the stock market as a whole (which trends upward), not putting all of your eggs in one basket (which could tank), and not making your money inaccessible, which it would be in a CD or a bond or something like that.


Look into a Vanguard stocks and shares ISA. Buy Lifestrategy fund based on your risk appetite. There is a personal finance uk sub better suited.


I had a lot of cash that i plan to use for a down payment on a house within the next few years and i’ve put it into a strategic bond fund that pays about 5% yield because i don’t want to risk losing any of it. (Not saying that’s the best thing to do but that’s what i did.)