World’s first non-invasive wearable device for newborn babies, worn on their foreheads, that simultaneously measures blood jaundice, oxygen levels and pulse rate. Neonatal jaundice is a leading cause of death and brain damage in infants in low/middle-income countries.

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>The researchers tested the device on 50 babies, and they found that the device is not currently accurate enough to suffice for clinical decision-making. According to Ota, they will reduce the thickness and increase the flexibility of the device, as well as improve the silicone interface to facilitate better skin contact So its an attempt at one


My first child had newborn jaundice. I was at first surprised at how serious the doctors took it. Then I read up on it and was glad they took it seriously.


Fighting the leading cause of death and brain damage in low/middle-income countries with a fancy electronic device that connects to a smart phone. So, probably not a device that can/will be used in countries where this is a problem.


A wearable pulse ox that has an alarm at Sp02 below say 94% would likely greatly reduce SIDS.


I wonder what the real utility of this device is. I’m not a pediatrician by a long shot, but in medical school on nursery we only measured TCB (transcutaneous bilirubin) once or twice a day, even if the child was on the lights. For a NICU baby or a baby on the lights from what I know the data isn’t there for TCB monitoring since the light metabolizes the superficial bilirubin first. Wouldn’t serum bilirubin remain the gold standard? Anyone who knows more about this please enlighten me 🙂