Yemen faces famine as deadly as Ethiopia’s in 1980s that left 1.2 million dead, says NGO chief

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Deliberate and likely done on purpose for maximal starvation


Brought to you by Saudi Arabia and its allies.


This shit makes me so sick to my stomach. These aren’t politicians or leaders getting hurt. These are families with children, babies, etc. getting starved, and killed. It’s disgusting that this is happening! No babies or children should have to suffer through starvation. It sucks that there’s nothing I can do. If I donate it’s a scam and most likely won’t make its way to these families that are starving, if I vote it won’t matter because nothing happens from voting. Just take a look. These are innocent people that are just trying to make it like the rest of us. If anyone knows a legit place to donate, that actually helps please let me know.


I don’t know if I’ll get in trouble for this or if it’s allowed but I recommend r/YemenVoice. I believe it is run by someone in Yemen. They just started the subreddit and they are trying to reveal the atrocities there. It’s important that people realize what is going on.


We need to pressure congress/Biden into cutting ties with the Saudi’s