YouTube removes five TV channels run by Myanmar’s military

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I remember taking ethics courses as a part of my cs major. At the time, I thought it was silly. We’d be presented with dilemmas like would we be comfortable designing software that controlled nuclear weapons and what the moral implications are for writing drone software. I’m realizing now that that ethics course was preparing me for a time when software companies play a major role in information wars. The scenarios we discussed didn’t bear out exactly, but I owe my prof an apology.


No military should have a youtube or twitch channel. Militaries shouldn’t be advertising to children.


It insane how much responsibility is in the hands of Google and other social media giants.


glad to see they draw the line at a coup and not genocide.


The military-run news channels(which are the ONLY channels that are allowed to broadcast ), denied shooting and killing a protestor and said that the other protestors killed her.