12-year-old helps more than 1,600 people get vaccines after building a website to help seniors

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I’m from the area and saw this on the local news and one line that stuck out during his interview was “ on one screen I have my homework and on the other side I’m scheduling vaccines..” What I immediately thought was – why the fuck does a 12 year old have to manually schedule vaccine appointments?? Why is NY’s digital infrastructure and communication with its citizens so shitty that a child has to volunteer as a civil servant to assist with the vaccine rollout?! This state is such an overpriced dump.


I’m both happy and saddened by this story. It shouldn’t take a 12 year old to do this. And at the same time, if a 12 year can do this, who the hell is working in government that can’t?


I don’t trust a kid (or any random website) with that much information. It should just forward to a government website to collect the data


Sneaker bots rewritten for appointments


Meh… good thing I guess, but the article is very vague about what exactly HE did to build the website, and get up and running besides using Google’s web templates.