4 alleged Southern California white supremacists can face charges, appeals court rules

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I don’t get why there would be a question of them being charged after attacking people. Isn’t assault prosecutable or am I missing something?


A bunch of these guys, along with 4 others of the group who were charged in a separate case involving the Charlottesville rally, have a history of addiction and would try to recruit struggling white kids at this SoCal Alcoholic Anonymous meeting hall my friend attends. The founder of their group, Ben Daley, got radicalized this way as well when he was a teenage opioid addict. When the feds arrested these guys, Robert Boman tried to flee and was so fucked up on meth that he didn’t even know who was chasing him.


wow, TIL the 2017 berkeley thing is still making its way through the courts


White supremacists in Huntington Beach surprise surprise lol


I don’t know wtf it is about Huntington Beach, but it is a cesspool of racist white trash.