A billionaire was having a party at his house

And in his back yard he had a huge pool with great white sharks in it. He announced to everyone at the party that whoever could swim across the pool without getting attacked could either have all his money, his wife, or his house. So when everyone got back to talking all of a sudden a guy is in the pool swimming as fast as he can and when he gets to the other side and jumps out. The billionaire goes.. “Holy shit, I didn’t think anyone was going to do it, but anyway, you want the money right?” and the guy says “no”, So the billionaire says, “oh, you want my house?” and the guys says “no” and so the billionaire says,” what, you want my wife, then?” But the guys says “hell no” So the billionaire says “well what the heck do you want?” The guys still trying to catch his breath says, ” I want the bastard who pushed me in the pool”

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