A man who provided security for Roger Stone on Jan. 6 is arrested in connection with the Capitol assault.

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Stone looks so much like a cartoon character.


The person arrested was done so, and the FBI have kept the charges secret. Typically, in such situations as this, it is all about moving up, getting information, or just locking him away forever. To be charged with treason or sedition, your life is totally fucked. No shoe strings, no belts, no bedding, no knives, forks or spoons. Oath Keeper. Fuck him and all the others.


It feels like it’s only a matter of time before Stone himself is arrested on conspiracy charges.


Good, Hopefully it’s an indication that Roger could be the big fish being investigated.


“Should we let the kid selling weed out of prison while he waits for trial?” “No way! He’s a threat to society!” “What about this domestic terrorist who literally planned and attempted an insurrection of our federal government?” “He is definitely not a threat, and has a clean record, let’s let him out and just trust he doesn’t do anything bad.” What is this country even?