Alberta MLA was monitored by 5 different police officers, documents show | After moving to protect some provincial trails from ATVs, Alberta’s former environment minister Shannon Phillips thought someone was following her. What she didn’t know was that it was members of the Lethbridge police

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Fought (and won) a charter challenge in Alberta. Those fucking moron cops aren’t stealthy. They followed us for 3 years and I knew which car it was every time. I have pictures and videos of their “stake outs”. It was sad. Alberta members of the rcmp or any city police force are some of the dumbest and worst people in Canada.


So a bunch of redneck Alberta police all up in arms because they can’t run their ATV’s through provincial parks as they please, resort to intimidation and abusing their powers. This is so Alberta.


Of course, since she’s NDP and an environment minister. The Oil companies probably told the cops they own to investigate her to find something that could be used against her. This is Alberta, its not like you should expect actual democracy or legal treatment if you insist on not being Rightwing and worshiping at the altar of Big Oil right? /s Nothing will be done of course… 🙁


It’s unfortunate that Alberta is seeing the same thing as they’re discovering in the US – individuals in the police have decided it’s OK for them to use their position and access at work to further their own personal and political views. That being said, I personally have seen Alberta sheriffs abusing their access to police records where they would casually look up anyone they liked. Although it’s been a long time since then, it sounds like they still haven’t implemented regular audits of law enforcement activity in those databases such that the behaviour has changed.


Welcome to capitalism, where cops are only in service of capital. Cops are no different than a legalised mob, and corporations are the capos.