Allan McDonald, Who Refused To Approve Shuttle Challenger Launch, Dead At 83 : NPR

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People who are interested in studying why corruption happens should study this guy and the Challenger incident. If this were something more mundane like a financial disaster, we would never know this mans name. He would have been shipped off to the mail room and never heard from again. I’m glad he did the right thing, it likely saved more lives. But there simply aren’t enough people like him in the world.


Too bad Boeing and the FAA didn’t pay attention to his lesson. Speaking up and doing the right thing matter. Cover-ups continue to kill.


My grandpa was a subcontractor for Morton Thiokol that worked with McDonald on Challenger. He said the change in McDonald’s demeanor after the disaster is one of the saddest things he’s ever personally experienced.


They always say the booster had a “design flaw”. It didn’t have a design flaw. NASA knowingly launched it in “out of spec” conditions.


Godspeed. What a brave, amazing guy. An example to us all.