An animal’s best defense against humans is not tasting good to them.

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lol ivory


No, it think it’s being useful to humans. Horses, dogs, bees, etc. Otherwise we seem to have a habit of endangering species whether they taste good or not


We tend to exterminate either deliberately or though destruction of habitat animals that don’t taste good to us, or serve some other purpose. Given that livestock outnumber all other animals several times over, tasting good to us is actually a really really good survival strategy, at least as far as the species is concerned. Less so for the individual.


This is how the sloth basically survives being super slow. Nothing wants to eat it.


Nah, the best overall strategy is 3-fold: 1. Be absolutely delicious 2. Be horny as hell 3. Suck at escaping fences If you do those 3 things, your species will endure as long as humanity does.