ARKK (Innovation Fund) Top 5 Stock Picks – Week Ending 3/7/21

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This is a great perspective, thanks for compiling! It would be very useful to include a metric comparing current share price to ARK’s estimated share price at time of trade entry.


ARKK (and generally underlying growth stocks) looking attractive when you buy the market correction dip


ARKK has been selling good companies to buy crap companies during this correction


TSM is making chips for Apple, AMD, and Huawei. And is currently a leader in chip fab tech. It has roughly tracked with AAPL & AMD. I am long TSM at 0.1% of portfolio.


Great assessment. This is a bold prediction, but I think ARK invest is about to make up most of its lost gains in the next month. I think a lot of people are going to have 1.4K to spend and are going to look at how far tech has corrected and see a lot of these funds as a bargain. I’m going to buy at market open Monday. Crypto rallied with the news the senate passed stimulus. I predict this will be the lowest we see the ARK funds in a long time. I should mention I’m pretty biased as I’m a big believer in Cathie’s main picks