Around 1,000 women gather in Istanbul to protest against femicides

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Yeah, killing people is a worthy protest topic, I bet. However, I also bet the powers in charge don’t agree!


I see that y’all need some context so here it is: People have been killing women and getting away with it for a while now. Nobody gets arrested unless the whole country protests it because it’s purely a political issue. The murderers always have reduced sentences, if they even get sentenced to prison because they have the government by their side. Women have been concerned about their safety on the streets. There are many examples of the police using brute force on these protesters, while the murderers are escorted like they aren’t even convicted


Politicians are chameleons. They do not have any core principals; they adapt to ideologies constantly.


Look up the Turkish Singer Bergen. Tragic story.


Women: Please don’t kill us. Men: No.