Autonomous Delivery Robots Are Now ‘Pedestrians’ in Pennsylvania

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This actually just had me thinking about Spot, or cheaper future version of Spot since it’s likely far too expensive for this use case right now, but… Think of how much time would saved in a large office environment if you could be at your desk, click a button on your screen that would call the soonest available Spot to your desk, give it something, the click somewhere for it to deliver whatever you just gave it. If you’ve ever worked in a large office, or campus type environment, you would know that this would save an insane amount of time. Especially when people are on different floors or other areas or a different building entirely. Obviously this problem is already solved if it’s anything electronic you need to send, but for anything physical…. Cause what happens when you go yourself is not only are you spending however much time it takes you to get there and back, but you’re also being stopped by God knows who, wasting more time chatting, easily doubling the amount of time it would take to just walk there and back with no lollygagging. There are already couriers or clerical type people to deal with this kinda thing in some cases I guess, but if it’s an assistant or whatever I’m sure they have other things to be doing besides walking from point A to B to A. Spot would be perfect because he can navigate literally anything. Elevator is broken? No problem, take the stairs. Wait until he has some kind of spring activated legs and could just jump off a balcony or something if necessary to save time.


Well that will help sidewalk maintenance and handicap accessibility. But in cities where the sidewalks are already too crowded, I wonder how this will work


> and a load limit of 550 pounds. The Fuck! I’m all for harmless small robots sharing the sidewalk with us (like the cute picture heading the article), something that if bumps into you will just be deflected, but at 250Kg that is heavy machinery, worst, unattended heavy machinery. Machines that have the mass to crush you into a pulp, things that weight half as much as a small car, should definitely not be classed as pedestrians.


These autonomous robots have to go through a lot of development time, investment, and compliance to work and operate safely in society. The least that should be paid back is society treats these things with respect and don’t vandalize or purposely obstruct their operation.