B.C. Pastafarian loses Supreme Court fight to wear pirate hat in driver’s licence photo – Penticton Western News

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Why is satire an immediate cause for dismissal? In Pastafarianism, satire is a form of religious expression.


Don’t we all know it’s a colander? That’s like a sikh wearing a baseball cap. Hmm.


Satire!? FSM is just as tangible as any other diety. This is B.S.


Religious freedom in America is OVER! Okay so maybe that’s slightly dramatic but how can they claim Pastafarianism is any different from any other religion? Because it’s satirical? So what? Pastafarianism is satirical, Christianity worships a triune god, Islam has a book written by god himself. Every religion has something unique about it.


“A West Kootenay man, who claims to be a Pastafarian,” Can you imagine the outrage and the paper’s response if the writer had said “A Grand Forks man, who claims to be a Muslim,” or “A Toronto man, who claims to be a Christian” or “A Montréal man, who claims to be a Jew” The arrogance and bigotry of the writer is appalling.