Benzophenone (a mutagen, carcinogen and endocrine disruptor) Accumulates over Time from the Degradation of Octocrylene in Commercial Sunscreen Products

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A lot of text here about the danger of benzophenone, but I had a hard time finding anything about what levels are actually dangerous. Also, any publication that refers to opposing viewpoints as “propaganda” should probably be viewed with some skepticism.


On the other hand, melanoma is definitely bad.


Tl;DR: Don’t use old sunscreen?


Thanks for posting this study, Ra! I found this note in there: “The Nivea Sun SPF 50+ is the only commercial product that does not contain octocrylene in its active ingredients.” Yeah, I mean Nah, it’s the second ingredient on the various Nivea Sun SPF 50+ products I found on Amazon.


Damn. Guess I’ll be switching from Jack Black to Paula’s Choice for my daily moisturizer/SPF.