Bilingual speakers of reddit, what’s one scene in a foreign show or movie, that the subtitles say something wildly different from what the character actually says?

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Not exactly the same, but on My Name Is Earl pretty much any time Catalina speaks Spanish she’s talking directly to the audience about something totally unrelated. The one I remember off the top of my head was some encouragement for English speakers trying to learn Spanish.


In Princess Mononoke, there’s a scene where a monk is eating soup and says it tastes like “donkey piss.” In the original Japanese version, he says it tastes like water. This was an intentional and strategic change. English speakers aren’t as easily offended as Japanese speakers, so the level of offense had to go up a few notches to really get across how crass and inconsiderate the character is.


In the German language film Das Boot, the ship is in a perilous situation. A young sailor asks the captain, basically, will we make it. The subtitles follow along, as the Captain cheers up the scared kid. However, as the kid walks away, the captain says, “vielleicht” or something similar that means, “maybe” and there was no subtitle in English.


Some of the spanish subtitles for the office are terrible, at least in amazon prime. One of the most egregious example was a scene in which Dwight pours lighter fluid into a trash bin and sets it on fire, according to the subtitles he pours “less heavy” liquid into the bin.


At the scene in the Avengers movie where Samuel Jackson says “Motherfu..”, Korean version of subtitle goes “어머니”, which is a literal translation of the word ‘Mother’.