Bolsonaro’s policies are causing Brazil to become a ‘factory’ for superpotent Covid-19 variants, say scientists

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This is extremely bad news for the world, the moment one country as massive as Brazil refuses to fight the virus, it means sooner or later they’ll create a mutation that renders current vaccines useless, and this will keep happening, it doesn’t matter if countries close their borders to Brazil since if just one person sneaks through, it is enough to quickly infect everyone again. Edit: thanks for the silver!


He is such a piece of shit. Between the Amazon burning and the covid Petri dish that Brazil has become…he needs to fuck off. His supporters and enablers need to fuck off. Their mishandling of all of this shit has global implications and I’m so sick of being fucked by rich fucking assholes that I have zero control over. This is a global community and has been for a long time fuck face!


This idiot has been so incompetent during his presidency that Brazil will take even more time to recover. He got elected on promises of anti-corruption measures, liberalisation of the economy, less taxation but failed to implement any of these changes and instead joined hands with corruption and destroyed any chances we have of prosecuting politicians, now he just claims he ended corruption. This guy betrayed us hard, most educated people turned against him and he is losing his voter base, but he made a fanatical cult based around calling everyone that doesn’t support him a leftist. It’s been hard.


Remember about 15-20 years ago, Brazil was the rage! Acai, BJJ, the Amazon, “we supply half the world’s water and air” shit, hottest women, etc!!! They sure fucked that up, eh?


Shut down ALL planes / air travel coming in from Brazil to the US. Last thing we need is a variant of Covid that loses control. We fucked it up on the early stage , paid the price and now that we have “the infection rate curve “ dropping we are so fucking stupid and arrogant to think everything is under control and we don’t need a strain that will shut us down again