Bolsonaro’s policies are causing Brazil to become a ‘factory’ for superpotent Covid-19 variants, says scientists

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This, coupled with the rampant deforestation of the Amazon. The Bolsonaro govt is putting the entire globe in severe danger.


Everyone should just stop accepting flights from Brazil, or passports from or stamped by Brazil. We’re a year in and have a vaccine. If people want to keep fucking around then the consequences need to become much steeper.


Thank you – right-wing populists! I just hope the people around the world don’t forget their lies and disgusting behaviour during this pandemic.


I don’t get how Bolsonaro exists. He seems like a fictional character. Every single thing I hear or read about him makes him sound like a character from an 80’s kids cartoon – A guy who does nothing but inexplicably evil shit for no other good reason than to destroy the world, because he just wants to do that. And then every single thing he says to justify what he does is predicated on an easily disproven lie. Why are we treating the people who support someone like this as equal humans? Their notions and ideas are not honest or equal. They are not the “other side of the coin” unless you picked that coin up after it had been sitting on a dog turd. Then they’d be the bottom.


That’d be really great if Bolso fell down a well full of scorpions.