British ports say they are not ready for Brexit customs checks

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> “Our frustration with government is they are not willing to share what the plan B is.” The plan is as it ever was: push everything back in hopes it will miraculously solve itself, and completely ignoring the entirely foreseeable problems that will arise from sticking your head in the sand.


It was all so sudden. It’s not like they had 4 and a half years to work it out, or anything.


Brexit is a disaster for the UK. It will be a poorer, smaller country as a result, if it does not fragment, with Scotland leaving for the EU, and North Ireland returning to chaos.


Apparently the most important “Sovereign Right” being asserted by the UK is to be grossly incompetent.


I can’t imagine a good reason why Europe should wait for this bunch of clowns to learn how to do their job. I thought they couldn’t wait to take back the control of their borders.