Car hit by university maintenance while I was parked

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>Would the police officer have more information on the insurance information? The university will pay. They are self-insuring, i.e. not using an insurance company. Call the facilities management office (or whatever your school has)


The university pays claims itself. There will be a process. Google “insurance claims against university xxxx”. Somewhere there’s an office with a couple of staff sitting in it processing claims. Go pay them a visit. If you can’t find it, find the financial offices and make inquiries there.


Self insured means they pay the claim cost, but typically use an insurance carrier to administer the claim. Get in contact with the previously mentioned departments.


I believe the amount your insurance company is asking you to pay is your deductible. Once your insurance fixes your car, they’ll reach out to the other party to recoup the cost of fixing the car, which includes your deductible. This may take some time to happen, but in most cases, once the other part admits fault and there is a police report, it should go smoothly. I find it easier dealing with my own insurance company.


The guys personal insurance isn’t going to get involved in this. He was at work using a work vehicle. So therefore the university is responsible, contact them.