China’s Economy Slowly Edges Toward World Dominance

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The key to becoming an “economic powerhouse” is to have no transparency in your reporting. How many times has China been caught blatantly lying about their output?


Meh, let me know when you start to see a Renminbi version of the Eurodollar all over the world and I’ll start to believe it’s dominating. By their own admission they’re still heading toward ‘moderately developed’ in the 2030s and they need to build up a considerably larger consumer base, a welfare state the helps their people spend more and save less, and some semblance of ‘exorbitant privilege’ before they’re beginning to dominate. Not saying they won’t, because they probably will given they’re going to be the largest long before that, but it’s a way off IMO.


This is just like in the 80’s and 90’s and pop culture was promoting the idea that Japan was going to be the next world super power and everyone was going to be a ninja or military pig or a street punk in a future dystopian society. Not that Japan is weak but they now sell more adult diapers than baby diapers and refuse to increase immigration or promote it which leads to a declining population.


China’s reserve can be manipulated by the government where the U.S is separate. China can make up whatever they want as their economy. They have cities across the country built sky high that are straight up empty. If that collapses they’re done.


Yup. China has played us so smart. They never need to go to war with us. While China is focusing on growing its economy and strengthening its military, our politicians are only focusing on if women can compete in men’s sports or something else that’s ridiculous.