College students call on lawmakers to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour

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People cannot live on minimum wage so they get government assistance. Being against raising the minimum wage is essentially saying the tax payers should foot the bill so employers don’t have to.


I think every damn congress member who thinks $15 an hour is too much should be forced to try to live a few months off $30K a year. Out of touch a-holes.


The constant anxiety and panic I felt all through college would have been greatly helped by making $6 more per hour.


Too bad college students don’t have a super pac and team of lobbyists


Growing up, making $15-20 per hour was enough for a even a single person to save up for a down payment for a house and carry a mortgage for 20 years. I have family who did this, and they provided a pretty good life for themselves, both my cousins went on to a post secondary education. It wasn’t an easy life per se, but definitely doable and within reach. Their house at time of purchase was $180,000. Its valued at 700k+ now. No fucking way could anyone making 15$ per hour could afford that now, but at that wage they could at least make enough to reasonably get by and rent a