Doordash should drop in coming weeks.

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Even if this is all true I’m not sure there is any play here: – Margin is getting more expensive (for shorts), and will likely keep doing so. Plus high volatility in DASH could result in unexpected margin calls (w/huge losses). – Their puts are already insanely expensive due to high IV. You could literally buy a put, be correct, and still lose money as IV decreases.


You can’t exclude the fact that the pandemic could be acting as the foot-in-the-door as it “forced” people to realize how easy life is without having to drive places. So, it’s possible that as things open up, DD does even worse. But, it’s not outside the realms of possibility that as people go back out, people realize how much they hate the time it wastes and we see an even bigger boom in orders and eventual profits. I’ll need to see more information on this and watch how people respond to re-opening.


Most of my neighborhood restaurants and eatery’s have there own delivery service now. pandemic changed a lot of things in the last 8 months. DoorDash fees are insane lately. Paying 20% in merchant fees is not profitable for a small doughnut shop.


I have never done DD on Doordash itself so I can not comment on it. However, I did do some DD on GrubHub years ago and I did not like it then. I felt GrubHub was a ‘car body shop’ style of company with a valuation like a true software / technology company. And this just never made any sense to me. With a body shop, as you scale, you need more and more mechanics. And, I always felt GrubHub would always need more and more drivers as it scales. I could never get past this. It just never made any logical sense unless they have some crazy R&D for food delivery drones or autonomous delivery cars or something equally disruptive to the industry.


You’d also have to factor in consumer preference from door dash and grubhub they are mostly supplemental but most people I know only use Door Dash and never grubhub