‘Dripping in the blood of Jim Crow’: Voting rights groups say GOP-backed bills in Georgia target Black voters

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A good example of “just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it right”. Restricting the voting rights of people makes a mockery of the claim that there is democracy. But that’s what happens when you have government of the entitled, by the entitled, for the entitled.


I think the Senate elections showed there is a silent majority in Georgia, and it ain’t the GOP. These restrictive bills are the response. Please Fight for democracy and fight for full access to the right to vote.


Yeah these bills are fucking terrible and embarrassingly obvious and as a Georgia resident I really hope that they fail in the GA Senate somehow. There’s a provision that prohibits people giving free food and drink to people standing in line to vote! If there weren’t a pandemic going on, I’d fucking do that, easy. Pizza for all, party need not be specified! That provision is cruel even without getting into the fact it’s going to disproportionately affect Black people because guess who has to deal with long lines the most because guess which GA demographic has been targeted for precinct inconvenience by Republicans…


Republicans best defense here is to argue their bills are meant to suppress Democrat turnout broadly and not exclusively suppress Black voters alone. That is the best the GOP can say and even still it’s reprehensible.


Ga. Voter here. We really pushed out voting in the 2020 election. Obviously these new restrictions are aimed at black voters. The republicans who are passing this represent rural white communities. So they will not face backlash in their counties. My question is this. How do we overturn this? The voting rights act? Does it even have a chance to go through Congress?