Earthquake swarm in Iceland continues with high intensity, now with over 20.000 earthquakes detected since the start of the activity. The volcanic alert level has been raised from yellow to orange, with more magma movement signals now being detected below the surface

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This is all a lead up to a Bjork album to celebrate the end of the pandemic, right?


Just a reminder that volcanic eruptions that caused year long winters have happened in historic time. As a climate scientist said about the last 10k years: We have been lucky. We also have been lucky with the lack of massive volcanic eruptions for a while. We are all dancing on the edge of a volcano.


The article states that they don’t expect an eruption to do much except create a very small magma flow and possibly some volcanic gas.


Who had Icelandic volcano eruptions on their 2021 bingo?


The media is making this out to be some world ending super volcano eruption even though that’s not the case. If this story was about Lake Toba or Yellowstone I would be more concerned.