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The death of Tyco Brahe. One of the first math based astronomers. One of his assistants was Kepler who mapped the orbits of the planets. Dude died from burst bladder at a dinner party because you weren’t allowed to leave a party before the king. And the King just…stayed.


Weird scandals in the Catholic church 1000 years ago. My favourite is the Cadaver Synod, where the pope had his predecessor’s corpse dug up and put on trial for blasphemy.


Not sure how unknown it is since there was a whole show about it but one of the pioneers of rocket science was also deep into the occult and magick. Jack Parsons was a self taught chemist and invented the fuel necessary to launch rockets. He also followed the teachings of Aleister Crowley and tried to conjure a goddess in the desert with L. Ron Hubbard. Interesting guy.


Darius the Great’s account of how he took the throne of the Persian Empire by killing a wizard who had taken the form of the previous emperor’s brother, who had apparently been assassinated by the emperor without anyone knowing. It seems pretty obvious to me that the “wizard” was just the real brother of the previous emperor and Darius just orchestrated a successful coup, but his version is much more entertaining. Also, the anabaptist doomsday cult that took over the German city of Munster in the 16th century. There’s a great podcast about that by Dan Carlin called Prophets of Doom, I don’t want to give you any spoilers.


The Battle of Castle Itter at the end of WWII. It was the only battle of the war where German and American forces fought on the same side! Fascinating little nugget of military history.