Foie gras imports set to be banned by UK

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It’s funny to see reactions on Reddit regarding Foie Gras. I live in the south west of France near a small town where Foie Gras is one of the main food product (Samatan, Gers if you want to look for it). Foie gras here is tradition, and a lot of small farmers have some ducks that they feed and make Foie Gras with (along with Magret and other tasty dishes). I really like good Foie Gras (some canned stuff that you can buy for cheap is just really not the same as a good home made mi-cuit terrine of foie gras). Anyway, I’m pretty sure growing Foie Gras ducks is the very same issue as any meat or animal related products. You can do it horribly unethically, or you can do it with respect and care. Most small farmers I have had the chance to talk to and visit are very kind with their ducks and the ducks seems happy and well. They are chasing their owners when they are coming with food and ask to be fed. They live in open fields and have plenty of space. Of course in the end they are slaughtered, but all animals we grow for meat are. Unless you are a vegetarian, I don’t think you should be against Foie Gras in the same way you should not be against chicken meat. As long as it is not coming from factory farms.


Apologies for posting The Daily Mail. The Times also posted about this but it is a paid article.


There is Foie Gras that is made from non force fed ducks, which is considered better quality than the force fed ducks.


Not sure why you folks are thinking this is bad? Have you seen the way chickens are raised in the US? They are bred to grow fast, and some grow too fast that they have heart attacks. Look at eggs, the chickens are locked up in cages just to make it more proficient. Unless you are some tiny farmer, your meat is all treated the same. Look at pigs, cows, etc.. What’s really the difference between being force fed, or being bred to gain the most weight possible in the fastest time possible? I’ve never eaten Foie Gras, but Reddit folks are hypocrites when it comes to stuff like this. You guys know that slaughter houses run so fast that they will accidentally cut bowels and it covers the meat? You’ll have no qualms about eating meat that is covered in poop.


Good. That cruelty needs to be banned everywhere.