For the first time, girls were eligible to be Eagle Scouts — and nearly 1,000 earned the elite rank

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I learned so much in girl scouts growing up. I’m so happy these girls get to be Eagle Scouts. I was so jealous of the Boy Scouts growing up getting to put it on their resume and such. Nobody seemed to really care about the Gold Award for the ladies. Update: this comment blew up! Thank you for the awards! To clarify I had an excellent girl scout experience! I went camping in the mountains all summer with scouts. I went to camps and got to meet people all over.


I really wish scouts didn’t turn out the way they did it’s so important for kids to learn these skills. I can’t even describe just how useful a basic skill like knot making is. I say good on them and I hope scouts some how keep going but better then before.


Good for them. It was a long time coming. And as an Eagle myself I applaud these young women.


I saw this recently and was trying to find statistics for how many girl scouts received their gold awards this past year to compare to how many girls got their Eagle. Couldn’t find it myself but if somebody had that info I would appreciate it


Then shouldn’t they just drop the “boy” term and change the name to “scouts” if they’re letting females in? What’s the point of a men’s homeless shelter if you’re letting women in as well. It’s just a homeless shelter.