‘Hard to Overstate How Big This Is’: Joe Manchin Signals Openness to Reforming Filibuster | Manchin floated a return to the talking filibuster, which would represent a major change to the current “no-show filibuster” that allows obstruction via email.

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This is the way it always should have been


Make Senators actually speechify while standing on the chamber floor until they get delirious and pass out. *Make them* ***literally*** *stand for something*.


This is almost certainly the result of polling and constituent feedback. If you live in Arizona or West Virginia you have unprecedented political clout right now. Call your Senators and use it.


This is the right move. First, it requires a Senator to actually speak for the length of the filibuster, which is going to make it a lot harder to protest and maybe make them pick their battles. Also, having Ted Cruz read Green Eggs and Ham in order to obstruct the $15 minimum wage or something else that people want is just about the worst optics that you could have.


Yes, if you want to block the bulldozer then you actually have to get down in the mud in front of it. You can’t just declare your position as a given and then nip on down to the pub for a pint.