How did you lose weight?

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Cut out sodas and eat in moderation.


I cut to 1300 cal/ day for a month, and ate mostly chicken fish and veggies. Protein and veggies will fill you up while also being very few calories so you could easily have 3 big meals of it as long as you stick to those food groups. Maybe sprinkle in some fruit every once in a while. If this is too tough for you, going for an intense morning run gives you more calorie allowance and be a little more flexible throughout the day. Dropped 20 pounds in a little over a month


Have you heard of meth^TM


I lost 100lbs senior year of high school. You are so fucking resilient in your teens, I promise. Sleep at 10pm if you can every night. A good circadian rhythm really jump starts weight lose because it regulates hormone control. If you walk about 30min every morning with proper weight resistance training 2-3 times a week for muscle growth. You will burn enough calories per minute and you can eat what ever you want with proper portions of course. AND IT STARTS TODAY NOT TOMORROW. 🙂 GOOD LUCK


Intermittent Fasting. That just means I don’t eat late at night, and I miss breakfast. I eat within an 8 hour window. Ultimately, this (should) reduce the calories you eat, but after a while, it doesn’t feel that way. Lots of success stories at /r/intermittentfasting