I did it.

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That sounds like a pretty nice outcome to me. You showed courage. She showed loving acceptance, while still hoping you’ll change your mind. You should both be proud and grateful. It’s too bad she doesn’t think your dad should know. Hopefully he’ll “get there” as well.


Felicitations! I wish that mine had gone that well! To this day when I tell my mom “no mom, remember? … I’m atheist.” … she still just laughs and says “oh, no you’re not.” hahaha I told her when I was 18, and I’m now 38. At least we still get along and have a decent relationship. Likely because she ***still*** thinks I am joking even after trying to explain it to her every time she tries to get me to go to church with her.


Not the worst outcome, but you should be ready for “and maybe to try to believe later” to equate to a constant pestering of you.


I’m glad she took it as well as she did


Went like this for me, really good until you realize they still force you to attend church. When I turned 18 I fucked outta church and forced them to reevaluate their relationship with me. Ended up winning in my case but still had to endure church for nearly a year after I told them.