I was delighted to read this quote from Apollo astronaut Bill Anders, one of the first men to visit the Moon and taker of one of the most famous photos ever:

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That’s exactly it. People have different methods for processing and coping. I can only envision siding with Anders.


I’m not aware of any astronauts who weren’t religious and then became religious in space. The Bible readings and taking communion and such seemed to be just proselytizing for show by guys whose views were enhanced, but not changed. I’m not sure I believe Anders either… he’s probably proselytizing his atheism and he was a non-believer well before the photo.


Ed Mitchell of Apollo 14 got into the whole “remote viewing” woo. Kinda sad really, I used to correspond with him back in the day when his website had a public forum, and aside from that particular piece of wackiness I really got a lot out of our chats. It was an incredible experience to get to actually interact with one of these guys.


the first astronaut Yuri Gagarin resolved the issue during his spaceflight when he reported that there were no gods up there.


Want to prove something, just cut straight to the crap! Religion is simply an imaginary thing, when it stuck or force to be stuck into someone’s head long enough, emotion will takeover rational thinking. And that has nothing to do with intellectual or star power.