If there was a website like Yelp for dating where you could leave reviews on people you’ve dated that other people could go look at when seeing someone new, people would probably become a lot more respectful while dating.

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Nice idea in theory but would probably start to go down a dark “social credit” type route like that episode of Black Mirror I reckon


It would probably only lead to toxic bf/gf leaving a negative review because you reviewed them honestly. And then no one is going to know which side said the truth. My toxic bf went around telling all sorts of lies about me even though there were people who could confirm that he did some more then fucked up things while they were present. But the people who only knew him and me and not the other people who saw him treating me badly all believed him and hated me afterwards. Honestly I’m glad that there wasn’t a review about me then. He did such stupid things that people would not even believe that someone can be that kind of a madlad.


The idea is fun but quite offset by the fact that people are petty salty assholes already when it comes to rate their local coffee shop. I don’t trust them in the least when it comes to rate someone that actually had an impact on their feelings or their ego.


IASIP did an episode showing why this is a bad idea “I AM A 5 STAR MAN!!!” 😀


Except that you end up with bad ratings for the dating equivalent of ‘they were looking for a pizza restaurant and you don’t serve pizza because you’re a cake shop.’ They’re like ‘One star, did not give me pizza even when I asked three times. Terrible customer service. Very rudely asked me to leave. Worst pizza ever.’