In Texas, big businesses including Target, Macy’s, and Toyota are keep their mask mandates, despite the state lifting COVID-19 restrictions

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IMO, the Texas governor pulled this stunt to draw attention away from the catastrophic infrastructure failures roiling the state. Some people there don’t even have running water to wash their hands with yet. Businesses, and particularly their employees, will bear the brunt of this disastrous decision.


Workers are going to get shot.


Gov Abbott: “Businesses, Run Wild!!” TX Businesses: “Nah. We don’t want to get sued by the families of hundreds of dead employees. Thanks for the offer though.”


“No mask, no service” is just as valid as “no shirt, no shoes, no service”. If it’s a store policy, then they have the right to enforce it. I know the anti-maskers will be like “what *law* says I have to wear a mask”. The law about trespassing.


Because they are not stupid fucks.